Action Plan

The following action plan lists the goals I intend to achieve this year, my year of being thirty!

It’s ambitious I know, but what’s the point in making it easy? You will notice there are only twenty-seven goals listed here and that is because I want the rest of you to help me decide the last three!

It would be good if I could add one more  to each category, or add three more to Environmental Development perhaps, as there are only six in that category. In keeping with the Becoming Thirty theme, try to incorporate the number thirty into the challenge.

I encourage you to post your comments about the current list and your ideas for the last three goals! Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Personal Development

1. Take a minimum 30 minute walk every weekday.

2. Complete 30 minutes of exercise every weekday.

3. Spend 30 minutes writing every weekday.

4. Visit 30 new places

5. Learn 30 new things

6. Try 30 new foods

7. Spend 30 days immersed in an underprivileged community

8. Complete 30,000 words of a manuscript

9. View 30 birds I have never seen before

10. Read at least 30 different books with my niece

11. Read at least 30 different books (excluding the above)

12. Make 30 craft projects

13. Write at least 30 blog posts in 30 weeks for Becoming Thirty

14. Write 30 articles and publish on the net or in print (not on my blog)

Community Development

15. Raise $30,000 for a selected cause or selection of causes

16. Write 30 letters to the Government in relation to issues I feel strongly about

17. Volunteer a total of 30 x 8hr’s worth of time (240hrs in total)to a selected cause or selection of causes

18. Give 30 talks in the community on issues I feel strongly about

19. Participate in/attend 30 different community fundraising events

20. Recruit 30 people who have never donated blood before to become blood donors

21. Identify 30 problems/issues in the local community and a potential solution for each

Environmental Development

22. Spend 30 days without consuming electricity

23. Plant 30 native trees/plants

24. Give up a luxury for 30 days

25. Do not buy any new thing for 30 consecutive days (excluding groceries)

26. Reduce GHG by 30%

27. Spend 30hrs in total picking up rubbish in the local area.

Final three goals:

28. Contribute 30 pledges/advice to other people’s plans/goals/dreams on PlanBig

29. Gain 30 subscriber’s to the blog

30. Attend 30 cultural events (festivals, plays, exhibitions, markets, concerts etc)


Thank-you all for your suggestions and comments on the Action Plan. Since it has taken me so long to decide the last three goals, I’m going to count all of the things I have done in the first half of the year that are relevant to these last three goals. Is that cheating? Believe me, I still have a long way to go with all three.

Also, I am thinking of changing (shock! horror!) one of the goals and want your say as to whether this is acceptable or not! The goal I would be swapping is “spend 30 days without consuming electricity”. I wish to substitute that goal for “spending 30 days plastic free”. You can read more about living plastic free here: Officially this challenge is run in July, however I’m not restricting myself to this month. I will probably carry out the task in October, along with my “not buying any new thing” challenge.

So… what do you think? Is it okay for me to swap goals? Can I count my actions from earlier in the year towards my last three goals? Or am I being too lenient on myself? LOL! Love to hear what you have to say.



15 thoughts on “Action Plan

  1. Some suggestions for a section on family;
    Contact 30 relations you haven’t seen for awhile.
    Spend 30 days total hours with an elderly family member (not me 🙂
    Do 30 nice things for each immediate family members (not Blake)
    Attend 30 cultural events just for the joy if it, I mean plays, galleries, football etc.
    Can’t think of any more . Love you

  2. I really like the convincing people to donate blood. Once you’ve done it, you’ll do it again. Changing many lives and ‘making a lifetime of difference’ I think your community and environmental goals should be more like that, so that after your year is over, your work continues to make a difference.
    One idea to do with planting and poorer communities, is something they do in the UK, some call it gorilla gardening. I don’t think you could do it, with our local flora and fauna rules, but… basically people plant fruit trees or vegetables in wasted plots of land, nature strips that kind of thing. So in season anyone who chooses to pick it can have fresh food. Once a fruit tree is established, they tend to take care of themselves and can feed for a lifetime. I like it.
    I’m concerned about your no electricity, how will you blog! I like a regular blog please!
    I read a blog from Rhonda Hetzel, called down to earth. She is pretty big at the moment, about to release her first book. It’s about living self sufficiently, and mostly from a frugal standpoint. She could teach you about how not to shop for a month, even for groceries!
    Looking forward to reading more 🙂

  3. I like Annemaree’s idea. Something else you could add to a section on family is Learn 30 new things with a member of your family
    An idea For the Environmental Development section is
    Reduce a households mains water consumption by 30%
    Ok that’s all I have for now xoxo

  4. How about a leaflet/book with 30 different things to do in /around geelong – maybe things that locals wouldn’t think about or know about. Maybe a historical walk /nature trail.

    or how about 30 30min. walks/bike/drives rides around geelong, make them circular, maybe with scavenger/treasure hunt for kids.

    or suss out places that are elderly/disable friendly and make them the focus?

    or find 30 indigenous plants from geelong/bellarine area that people could plant in their gardens?

    for your charity work how about a promotional leaflet that encourages people to donate 30 different things – could be 30cents, $30, 30 hats, 30 mins. of time etc.

    not sure if geelong has any but community garden plots are a great idea & have been in uk for years – we even found one in a corner of the cememtary of a small village!maybe you could identify 30 small plots of land owned by the council or community groups that are no longer being used – like old tennis courts and put it to them.

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    • Hi Tracy,

      Thank-you so much for your support! I love your laugh and dance with 30 new people goal! Perhaps you could make that a part of your own challenge? I am hoping that people will grasp the idea of Becoming Thirty and do exactly that – create their own challenges. So thank-you for mentioning that here, and please let me know how you go! Also, if you ever need any help or advice on your goals – I’m happy to offer my assistance however I can. 😀

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