I would never have taken the plunge with Becoming Thirty if it were not for the love and support of the following people:

Mum, you have taught me so much, but most of all self-respect and a belief in humanity. Dad, for being truly unique, teaching me the value of honesty and for living life simply and to the full. Simon, for just doing it, despite the obstacles. Demelza, for being yourself, standing up for yourself and pursuing what you want. My little brother Damian, who changed the world (well, my world) as soon as he came into it, and keeps on changing it, every day.

My best friends, Melanie and Michelle, for never being afraid to be different, pursuing your dreams and for always being there, even when you are worlds away.

Isa, you taught me to be open-minded and to appreciate the unexpected!

Blake, you taught me to have courage, to be persistent and that there is hope.

You are all an inspiration and without your love and support, I would not be who I am or be capable of making the changes I wish to make.

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