Sweet September.

Swan on Swan Lake, Phillip Island.

Last month felt so good getting back on track with my goals. It was also a very busy social month which was great, even though I cannot include those events in my review as they are not part of my Action Plan.

With the change of season came a shift in mood and motivation. I found a renewed energy and inspiration for my goals. I started running and reading again, spent an amazing three day weekend away, got back to nature and organised some exciting fundraising ventures.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with how September panned out, and I’m looking forward to what this month has in store! Here’s some of the things I ticked off the list for the sweet month of September:

  • 6 x new places visited – Phillip Island; Churchill Island; The Australian Garden, Cranbourne; The Koala Sanctuary, Phillip Island; Panny’s Amazing World of Chocolate, Phillip Island; and the Penguin Parade, Phillip Island.
  • 5 x new birds spotted – Brown Falcon, Cape Barren Goose, Yellow Robin, Swamp Harrier and a Juvenile Red Wattle Bird.
  • 1 x new food tried – Chilli Choc Truffles at Panny’s Amazing World of Chocolate.
  • 2 x books read – Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay and Volcano Boy by Libby Hathorn
  • 1 x book read with my niece – My First Words With Baby Boo by Jeanette Rowe
  • 1 x cultural/community event attended – Angair Wildflower Show
  • 1 x project helped on PlanBig – D+ Daily Positive a positive news wiki
  • 3 x new things learnt – how to milk a cow, the names of various wildflowers at Anglesea, countless fact and figures about the Little Penguins of Phillip Island. Most fascinating for me was that the Penguins can spend weeks out at sea without coming ashore. They hold their breath when they dive and can do so for up to 2 minutes. At sea they sleep with their backs to the sky to camouflage themselves from sea birds and their bellies to the bottom to protect against sharks and other predators.

A lot of time during September was spent on planning and preparing for our Girl’s Night In on the 6th of October, which was a HUGE success. More about that later.

This month I have quite a few challenges happening including Choctober and Buy Nothing New Month. You can read about both here.

Thursday 11th October marks my next appointment to donate blood – if anyone is interested in joining me in person or in spirit from another blood bank in another part of the country, please do! If you’re interested in winning a fantastic book, then join my Club Red group 30 Positive and go in the draw! Read more about the competition here.

Thank-you for reading, keep popping by the blog and leaving your comments – love hearing from you all. Enjoy October!

Magnificent Grass Trees at the Australian Garden in Cranbourne.

Cottage Garden at Churchill Island’s Heritage Farm.

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