Focus on Fundraising!

There is nothing more satisfying than helping others. It gives you purpose and encourages gratitude and generosity.

In Australia there are a plethora of fundraising events for different charities, which I think is incredible. How exciting is it that you can participate in something like the Samaritan House Sleep Out, get fit by running, throw a party with your friends, or challenge yourself to give up something like Chocolate or consumerism and at the same time raise money for those in need?

Which is exactly what I’ll be doing this month and next!

Considering all the time and effort that goes into preparation and training for some of these events, I just wanted to focus a little attention on them in the blog and give you an idea of the things I am involved in and maybe get you involved too!

Whilst I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms from Tim Tams and struggling to drag myself out of bed in the morning to hit the running track – you can hep out by simply clicking on one of the links below and donating as much or as little as you like to one of the fantastic causes I am trying to help.

If you’re not into donating money and would prefer to participate – come and join me and we can vent about our cravings together!

Samaritan House Sleep Out: This event is being held tomorrow night (Thursday 4th October) and involves “sleeping rough” at the Geelong Racecourse in order to gain some perspective on the lives of hundreds of homeless people in the area. If you would like to donate to this cause please leave a comment.

Girl’s Night In: A major fundraiser for the Cancer Council held throughout October focusing on women’s cancers. Women are encouraged to hold an event and donate the amount they would spend on a night out. My sister and I are hosting an 80’s themed Girl’s DANCE Night In on Saturday 6th October. The idea is that guests donate the price of a “club entry fee” and their drinks. Even if you are not attending you can still donate to this event here. It’s going to be a blast!

Choctober: I have just signed up for this awesome challenge – one that will be extremely challenging for me! I don’t think  I would have ever gone without chocolate for a week, let alone a month! The masterminds behind this cruel and unusual punishment are Reclink, a non-profit organisation that provides recreational activities to disadvantaged people within communities, including some with mental illnesses. A great organisation with a very beneficial mission! Check out my hero page here and dare me to ditch the chocolate!

Buy Nothing New Month: Also a recent endeavour and something that is on my Action Plan is to buy no new thing for 30 days! Now as many of you may know, I’m very partial to a good op shop, so you might be thinking this is not really a challenge for me… but what about things like Birthday and Christmas presents, underwear (cause I sure don’t buy that secondhand), books, craft items etc! I don’t think I realise how much stuff I actually buy brand new. Could you give up unnecessary consumerism for a month? Test yourself! For those of you who have signed up, or just want an interesting read on the topic, stay tuned for a special guest blog from a woman who gave up buying new things for a whole year! Yes, you shopaholics – a whole year! 😀

Run Geelong: On November 18th I am running 6km to help raise money for the new children’s ward at Geelong Hospital. This is the first time I have run since the Mother’s Day Classic and the distance is 2 km’s further! I have been training and all is going well so far! This is a great local cause. Please check out my sponsor page here if you wish to donate. In the past people have offered to donate based on performance time in order to challenge me further – I say bring it on! 😀


2 thoughts on “Focus on Fundraising!

  1. Greetings Rhian..we met at the ‘Big Sleep Out’ and yes I am on board for not buying anything new for a month in continued support of Samaratian House.
    Go well

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