Bring on Spring!

I’ve been MIA (missing in action) for quite some time and I apologise.

I’d love to say that I have achieved tonnes in the last two months, but that would be a lie.Sadly I have also been slack in recording the things I have been doing as well, which is to my own detriment. But the publishing of this post marks a new beginning, just as Spring marks the beginning of warmer weather, the birth of baby animals and the blossoming of beautiful flowers.

Here are some of the things I’ve been up to on the plan in July and August:

  • Read one book – Dear John by Nicholas Sparks.
  • Read two books to my niece – ABC and Imagine by Alison Lester (yes, more Alison Lester!). I think I may have read my niece more books, but I can’t remember how many and what they were called!
  • Tried one new food – Licorice flavoured ice cream (yes, more ice cream!)
  • Visited one new place – St Leonard’s on the Bellarine Peninsula.
  • Created four craft projects – all were cards!
  • Completed just over 5000 words for my 30,000 word manuscript. I’m pretty happy with this achievement as it is the most fictional writing I have done in a very long time.
  • On 29th July I planted my 30 trees! It was a fantastic day! Gorgeous winter sunshine and good company.
  • Participated in two community projects – Dry July and National Tree Planting Day.
  • I’ve been learning how to extoll lots of different virtues during the 90 Day Action Plan course I have been participating in. In this group I have also learnt about the power of visualisation. On a completely different note I’ve learnt how to play indoor rebound volleyball, or indoor volleyball with a net – whatever you want to call it.
  • Viewed one new bird that I haven’t seen before which was the ‘Red Rumped Parrot” male and female (does that count as two new birds?!?).

The last two months have been taxing, to say the least, but once I hit publish on this post, I’m back on track!

Speaking of being ‘back on track’ I have signed up and begun training for the 6km event at Run Geelong, in November. The day is being held to raise funds for the much needed children’s ward at Geelong Hospital. If you wish to sponsor me in this event please visit my fundraising page. I haven’t run since the Mother’s Day Classic back in May, so I’ve had to start all over again with my training! Inspire me by donating today! 😀

Lots more coming up including news about our trip to Phillip Island, Girl’s Night In plans and more! As usual, there is also a chance to WIN with this month’s blood donating competition. See past month’s blog’s for conditions of entry.

Hope you are all enjoying this sunny weather, pop by and say G’day sometime (on the blog) – would love to hear from you.


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