National Tree Day

Blake planting a flowering gum at his late Grandfather’s property in Moddewarre.

Looking for something to do this Sunday 29th of July? Take advantage of the beautiful winter sunshine we’ve been experiencing and pop along to your local National Tree Day celebrations!

At 9am on Sunday I am joining the Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek here in Geelong to help plant trees for the day. If you’re in the area and would like to do your bit, or even come down and provide some moral support, check out their website for details. If you wish to plant, you need to register, which you can do via the site.

National Tree Day is an initiative of Planet Ark, a not-for-profit environmental organisation in Australia. You can find out more about them and what they do here. There is also a very interesting page on a study conducted by Planet Ark into the importance of children interracting with the environment and how it affects their development.

The Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek have been in action since 2002. They are a very active community group who mainly concentrate on restoring the natural vegetation of the Waurn Ponds Creek as well as removing rubbish and weeds from the area. Their group is free to join and it appears they have a very enjoyable time whilst doing their bit to make a difference.

I am really looking forward to Sunday morning and hope that the weather stays as mild as it has been. Regardless, I will be there boots and all, even if it’s raining. Hope to see some of you too! 😀

2 thoughts on “National Tree Day

  1. Quick question, is the nick name, “Becoming Thirty”, your method of dealing with the big 3..0 or is it just to get the readers interested?

    BTW, how ae you!!!??

  2. Hi Norman!

    Thanks for your comment. I’m great! How are you and yours?

    The name came from the fact that I was turning 30 and wanted to do something meaningful in my year of being 30. It’s kinda a play on words I guess – by “becoming thirty” I was really “owning” my age, my life and the project! 😀

    So to answer your question – it’s a bit of both!

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