Glass Half Full

Despite the positive title, I think I have been putting this blog off for a few days, as I feel like I achieved little in June.

In some ways it appears to be a less productive month, but perhaps that’s because the things I worked on were a lot more involved – the Teddy Bear’s Picnic, for example – although to be fair most of the prep for that was done in May.

However, I am remaining optimistic. I mean, we can’t perform at peak rate all day every day, right? There are bound to be slump months!

It’s exciting that it’s June. Sometimes we get this far through the year and exclaim that we have done nothing, that the year has passed us by or it’s downhill all the way from now on. It certainly has gone fast but I definitely don’t feel like I’ve done nothing. It’s been amazing.

My glass is most certainly half full and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year provides!

Here’s what I’ve ticked off my list in June:

  • completed 2 x craft projects (a scrapbook page for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and a pinboard)
  • tried 2 x new foods (tiramisu flavoured ice cream and coconut M+M’s)
  • learnt that Elizabeth St was built over a creek course on my tour of Melbourne’s laneways, plus lots of trivial little things at the Newcomb Tennis Club’s Trivia Night!
  • had 1x article published by Erin, on activate28 (okay it was an interview, but I’m still counting it!)
  • raised $406 for the Cancer Council at our Teddy Bear’s Picnic
  • participated in 4x community events including the 21 Challenge, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, the Trivia Night fundraiser for the Newcomb Tennis Club and Earn and Learn with Woolies!
  • sacrificed a luxury (use of our heater – which in this weather is probably more of a necessity than a luxury) for 30 days (we finish on Saturday 14th July)

I am also excited to finally announce my last 3 goals! Yes, it’s taken me this long to decide. They are:

  • contribute 30 pledges/advice to other people’s plans/goals/dreams on the PlanBig website (for more on PlanBig keep checking back for a guest blog this month all about this amazing organisation)
  • obtain 30 subscribers to the blog
  • attend 30 cultural events (plays, festivals etc)

As for June’s Give and Win competition, the draw will be brought forward to next month. Remember even if you can’t donate blood, you can win by recommending someone enter the comp! More about Give and Win in a later post.

So far July is looking promising! We are almost finished sacrificing our heater for 30 days (it has not been easy, -1 overnight last night). I have also decided to participate in Dry July with one of the beneficiaries being the Andrew Love Cancer Centre, Geelong. If you wish to sponsor me please visit this site. I have been participating since the start of the month but have only just signed up. Despite being partial to a Bundy, a whisky or on these cold nights – a nice warm port, I’m confident I’ll survive the month.

At the end of July I intend volunteering for National Tree Day with the Friends of the Waurn Pond Creek on Sunday 29th. Check back soon for more details on this event. Would love to see some of you there, if you’re free. Hopefully I will be able to plant my 30 trees on this day.

Looking forward to the challenges ahead, love to have you along for the ride so keep commenting, liking, sharing – all that jazz! 😀


6 thoughts on “Glass Half Full

  1. Rhian, I continue to be blown away with your activity + proactivity. Your “slump month” is the same as many people’s peak month 🙂

    Look forward to the next update!

  2. i’m so impressed with you sacrificing the luxury of heating!! i could not do it, well not in melbourne anyway! totally relate to having a slump (especially in winter), but to be honest your version of a slump is me at my most proactive!! haha. keep up the amazing work. xxx

    • It was a rash decision to give up the heater – you should have heard the response I got when I told Blake! Then I had to tell him that even though it was a 21 day challenge we were doing it for 30 days! 😀 Imagine how that went down! Needless to say he opted out of participating in Dry July. I think the alcohol keeps him warm! LOL! That and either the dog or the cat on his lap.

      By the way being as successfully creative as you are is a time consuming process, so although you may not feel like you are seeing end results, you are most certainly being proactive! I am loving the work you are producing – so keep it up! Orrite?!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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