Open Doorways

Graffiti draws the bystander into one of Melbourne’s colourful lanes .

Over the long weekend I spent some time with my best mate to celebrate her belated 31st birthday. As a gift I bought her and I a Laneways tour of Melbourne with a company called MelTours.

We had such a wonderful time exploring our own capital city and finding new and unique places to visit that I wanted to share the experience with you and give a very public ‘thumbs up’ to our guide Jerome and his business.

My friend I indulged in the Laneways of Melbourne Tour on the Saturday of our weekend. We had a small group, which allowed for a very relaxed and intimate environment, encouraged by our guide Jerome, as he introduced us all on arrival.

The journey went for about two and half hours and included a ‘melt in your mouth’ chocolate macaron tasting at the Lindt Chocolat Cafe(one of only eight in the world) in the decadent National Bank building on Collins St, as well as lunch at the Cafe Mediterraneum in the incredible Art Deco Manchester Unity building on Swanston St.

Macarons are all the rage in Melbourne these days. I recommend the Pistachio, Passionfruit and Salty Caramel flavours!

We ducked into lanes and plaza’s that opened up new worlds, like Alice down the rabbit hole. There were outrageous and sometimes illicit artworks to admire, hidden shops, cafes and bars with some interesting characteristics, like The Little Mule Company Pty Ltd, in Somerset lane.

Jerome was full of knowledge but divulged his information more like a friend on a day out with a passion for his city, rather than a tour guide with a script. He had a great sense of humour and followed the mantra – if there’s an open doorway, there’s an open invitation to explore. I found his philosophy refreshing and believe it can also be applied to any kind of opportunity in life!

During the tour I learnt many fascinating new things about Melbourne design, history and architecture. Not the most fancy fact but something that really stuck with me is that Elizabeth Street was built over a creek site. It’s obvious that it’s lower than it’s parallel streets, but I never knew it was an old watercourse. Interesting!

We had a wonderful experience in our own ‘backyard’. It’s amazing what you can discover in your own town, capital city or state when you put on your tourist hat and look at the ‘everyday’ with a new perspective. How often do you holiday in your hometown and learn something new? I’d love to hear from you!


8 thoughts on “Open Doorways

    • Hello Rhain, sorry about this. Hello disappointed, when vouchers are purchased they are provided with certain terms and conditions such as minimum numbers. These terms are displayed for all to see and referred to in any offers so buyers can make an informed purchase. Sometimes customer expectations are in conflict with what we actually offer and we are sorry if you become disappointed if you cant get the tour you want if we dont see enough demand for particular dates. We have had 1,000s of customers and vouchers through our business in the last 3 years so if we weren’t honouring vouchers I am sure we would be in front of Consumer Affairs very quickly. We also offer a rare extension for vouchers – often a cost of only $10 per voucher that you could have taken advantage of. Regards, Jerome MELTours

  1. Had a wonderful tour today of laneways and hidden cafes of Melbourne.Being a part time Melbournian/(Sydneyite) I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of a city that I thought I knew. Would recommend to locals and tourists alike.

  2. May 4th; Had a fabulous time discovering hidden /unknown delights in laneways of Melbourne. Made one think about looking around/up/down when visiting any place-amazing what is to be seen! Would recommend to anyone for an enjoyable and informative walk.

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