It is almost 6 months since I started to create Becoming Thirty and I would like to share with you all how this venture actually came to be.

At the end of last year I was lucky enough to spend a couple of months of my incredibly fortunate life, doing something that many consider a luxury – reflecting.

Powerful exercise reflection.

Whether by accident or not, this period of contemplation coincided with the arrival of my 30th birthday.

As well as my impending anniversary, I had just made a long-distance relocation from Western Australia to Victoria, committed to an entirely different lifestyle (one that was stationary and not transient) and was between jobs – hence the time to ponder.

On December 11, 2011, I celebrated my 30th birthday and committed to making some changes in my life.

So what? What’s the big deal? We do it every year, right? On New Year’s Day we make resolutions that most of us rarely keep. I am no stranger to the unfulfilled New Year’s resolution.

But this time I knew it was different. It was time. I was ready!

I had the opportunity to start something new and wonderful, I just had to figure out what it was.

In the days following my birthday I began to fashion my thoughts into a singular idea. That singular idea became Becoming Thirty.

What is Becoming Thirty? Becoming Thirty is my motivator for self-development and community engagement. The idea is to ‘create’ myself – not ‘find’ myself, to re-discover and re-invigorate my dreams, helping others and the community along the way.

All my knowing years I have had this niggle, this primeval need or yearning, if you like, to do something ‘meaningful’ with my life. Sounds vague, I know. And it was a vague feeling, an urge that I mostly suppressed for numerous reasons – I didn’t understand it; I believed it to be evil, frightening, abnormal; and I felt hopelessly incapable of exploring the emotions and thoughts surrounding it.

I was afraid to trust my instincts.

When I look back now I can see that during the years that I ignored or pushed away this unidentified urge, I was confused, lonely and depressed. In contrast, when embracing the urge – I felt energetic, purposeful and content.

The last 6 month period has been one of the most exhilarating, eye-opening and intense periods of my life. I have learnt many things but even more empowering is the fact that I have discovered within me those things that I already held true, but struggled to act on.

Without the practice of reflection, I may never have come to this realisation or begun this journey.

Hence my advice for the day:

Stop. Take some time out. Revisit your dreams. Reset your course for contentment.

Thank-you for reading, please feel free to share your own stories about reflection, life changes, dreams or whatever you fancy!


10 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Hi Rhian, I’ve always been curious about your decision to start Becoming Thirty. Thanks to this post, now I *get it*. Self reflection (coupled with action) is really powerful. You’re living proof of that!

    I love how you wrote “create yourself not find yourself”. That’s really wise 🙂

    I’m extra keen now to interview you for Spotlight28!! I’d love more people to discover what you’re doing.

    It’s an overused cliche, I know, but I’ll say it anyway: you certainly are an inspiration! The world (and my world) are a richer place because of your contribution 🙂

    • Thank-you Erin. I’m lost for words actually! And that doesn’t happen often! 😛 Super keen to help you out with your interview. And thank-you again, your comment made me feel so warm and gooey inside!

  2. My daughter turns 30 today and that in itself is a matter for reflection for me. I like how you talk about recreating yourself. Besides death and taxes the only certainty in this life is that it changes. Life can be quite exciting

    • Hi Jan,
      Thank-you for commenting and Happy Birthday to your daughter. It’s lovely to reflect on personal memories surrounding a loved ones special day isn’t it?

      Yes, change is a certainty. I believe those who can accept that fact and grow with the changes rather than try to deny or reject them are those who find true happiness.

      Flexibility is also a powerful tool!

  3. Reflection is very important as its not about failure its all about improving yourself as you can never change the past only the future.

    Time quickly goes by and soon enough tomorrow will become today and today will be yesterday and I will no longer be thirty.

    Instead I am one year older and who knows if I am a little bit wiser.

    But I can say, reflecting on the last twelve months has shown me that even though I really haven’t got much to show, I have accomplished a lot.

    I have changed jobs, mended a broken heart, learnt that less is always more, Simple is better, Travelled to Thailand, UK & Europe and most important started making myself number 1 and being/living as the individual I have always known myself for.

    Turning 30 was an exciting time for me. I saw it as a new beginning where great things would happen and the life that I wanted would start.

    In some ways it did and in other ways it didn’t and the “honeymoon of turning 30 was over”.

    There were days that I thought I wouldn’t even get out of bed.

    And now, I still have those days. However, I remember that there is always someone worse off than myself and by making myself number 1, I can achieve anything I want and it doesn’t matter what people think or society believes the type of life I should have at my age.

    What matters is that I am happy and living and achieving the goals, only living up to my expectations and not society’s.

    So in my eyes now that twelve months have passed all I can say is didn’t you know that 31 is now the new 21?

    • Melanie – you’re the best friend a girl could have! It’s time to start treating yourself like you have treated me over the past is it 17 years of our lives?

      Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for your beautiful comment and Happy Birthday (even though it’s still about 45 mins away)! I am so glad I get to share your 31st year with you! I look forward to it.

      You’re the best, xoxox

  4. I started to freak out about my 30’s when I was about 27 (nothing like a bit of forward planning!). Then when I was 29 everything just popped into place. If there is such a thing as “finding yourself” I took a big leap closer that year.

    I can totally relate to your yearning to do something meaningful, does everyone have that? Is it part of becoming a fulfilled adult to address that yearning?

    Anyway great post and looking forward to seeing how the next 2 months go!

    • Hi Serena,

      Thank-you for your comment. I hope that everyone has that yearning, it probably just manifests at different times in different people’s lives.

      Being 30 is great, I can’t believe it’s nearly over! It’s been a rollercoaster year, worth screaming about!

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