Extending the Olive Branch

Last Saturday Blake and I spent the day at our friend’s property in Moolap, helping to harvest their 100% organic olive trees. Picking olives was a new experience for both of us and we had no idea what to expect. It was an incredibly enjoyable day, our friend’s provided lunch and we met some lovely people. There was no rain around, which we were grateful for. The air was very crisp, but we hardly noticed it as we all gathered around the trees, raking with our little yellow rakes and conversing about anything and everything from football to combi vans and dog breeds. It was a very relaxing day. The last time Blake and I were working side by side in an orchard was in Batlow, picking apples on the first stop of our trip, many moons ago.

I would like to share our Olive picking experience with you via some photos I took on the day.


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