Grateful in April!

Every day during the month of April I am contributing (via twitter) to the ‘Grateful in April’ campaign, run by m.a.d woman, Melina Schamroth.

‘Grateful in April’ is an inspiring idea, designed to create positivity and joy throughout the community. It encourages people from all walks of life to publicly share all the things they are thankful for. Being grateful is also one of my ’30 Commandments’.

Expressing gratitude is a powerful exercise. Not only does it help you take stock of your life and accept that what you have is enough and who you are is enough, it also creates good vibrations that radiate inwards and outwards, infecting your mentality as well as other people’s way of thinking.

I have even managed to include my 7 year old charge in the movement. Every day I visit her, we both record something we are grateful for in the ‘Grateful in April’ journal that we created, which is adorned by a glorious picture of a tree that fruits hearts. At the base of the tree, drawn by the 7 year old, is a girl picking the ‘ripe’ hearts!

Today, after not seeing each other for three days, due to the long weekend, I was delighted when she declared that we had  four entries to write in order to catch up! Her enthusiasm was so contagious that even the pet Guinea Pig had to join in!

And what was the Guinea Pig grateful for? Her owner, of course!

To find out more and sign up for daily tips on how to share your ‘attitude of gratitude’ check out

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