Three Month Review

Last week I participated in a ‘Three Month Review’ webinar with the very encouraging Erin O’Brien from Activate28. I found this session helpful as it allowed me to perceive my plan in a more business like manner. I was able to break my goals down rationally and analyse them as if I were analysing sales targets!

Although it has been closer to four months since I turned thirty, it’s really only been three months since I took action by creating Becoming Thirty and my Action Plan. I would like to take a moment to share with you some of the things I have achieved so far.

Since Becoming Thirty began I have:

  • read and reviewed one book (Treasure Yourself, by Miranda Kerr)
  • read one book from cover to cover with my niece (My First Year, by Demelza Pavletich)
  • learnt surveying skills, basic horseriding skills, how to box, and, that cuttlefish can change colours
  • viewed two new birds (Eastern Spinebill and Black-Shouldered Kite)
  • tried three new foods/drinks (rockmelon & prosciutto tapas, japanese schocu spirit, sundried tomatoes and feta bread)
  • explored seven new places (Lake Colac, Horsham, the National Gallery and National Library of Australia, the new Leisure Link Aquatic Centre in Waurn Ponds with my niece, the Marine Discovery Centre in Queenscliffe and Bickleigh Vale Village in Mooroolbark.)
  • sent one letter to the government (reminding them of the importance of the Close the Gap campaign)
  • attended/participated in two community events (Sunset Dreaming concert for the Marrma Rom Foundation and National Close the Gap Day Scavenger Hunt)

Three months is a quarter of a year but I am far from completing a quarter of my goals, so I have a lot of work ahead of me, which is why I need your support! Please add comments, follow the blog, the Becoming Thirty facebook page, my twitter account or BecomingThirty on PlanBig  if you’re keen to participate!


6 thoughts on “Three Month Review

  1. It’s great to read what you’ve done. I think by keeping a tally like this will help you see what great things you’ve done as well as let you know what’s still to be done.
    Its going to be a fun year 🙂

    • Thank-you Sharyn, it is going to be a fun year! I’m so excited about all there is to come! Your tally idea is excellent, now to find a way of presenting it! Thanks for your input, look forward to more helpful advice!

  2. What is with the Sydney Writers Centre Best Australian Blogs 2012 Nominee? When are we going to hear about that? Thought it might be part of the 3 month review.

    Your doing great by the way, even if you are not a quarter of the way after a quarter of the time. As we train ourselves to be more pro-active I think it gets easier and easier, so its not really a linear time-action relationship, it maybe more exponential.

    • Thanks for your words of encouragement Damian! I think it will certainly get easier and I’m hoping the productivity will be kinda like a rolling stone gathering moss – it will snowball! 😀

      Best Australian Blog comp is something that members of the blog group I am in were encouraged to join. You can join yourself actually, I think Nomad Odyssey would do well!

      • I thought rolling stones did not gather moss?

        No moss on your site please. Give me lots of rolling though, an avalanche or two and even a snowball out the back. 🙂

      • You are so right! Think it must have been late that night and I was getting my analogies mixed up!

        Love the John Williamson reference there – you know we saw him the other night at GPAC? He was brilliant. Very entertaining!

        Off to create an avalanche or two!

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