Treasure Yourself

Book Review

“Every small thing you do can have the power to transform your life.”

Four months ago I was unemployed, unsure of my life’s direction and living in an unstable/temporary environment. On a whim, a wise friend of mine suggested reading Miranda Kerr’s Treasure Yourself. At that point in my life, as I struggled with decisions about my future and my career, Kerr’s book rang true, and has since affected my world in ways I am only beginning to realise.

After  fully completing the book including the ‘getting personal’ questions at the end of each Chapter, I can honestly say Treasure Yourself  has helped me change my life. I am now working in a role I adore, I have finite goals in place to follow my lifelong dreams and stability is just around the corner!

You don’t have to be in a crisis, like I was, for this book to have effect. Kerr writes simply and honestly. Each paragraph is essential. Her thought processes are logical, and the questions she includes and recommendations she makes are practical and easy to complete. Her content is about everyday dilemma’s, thinking patterns or perceptions that many of us experience. Unlike self-help books, however, Kerr’s writing is less clinical and more conversational.

The book does not include instructions on how to change your life, rather it is a reflection or discussion of anecdotes about the lessons Kerr has learnt on her journey and how these lessons may be relevant to others. Kerr’s tone is gentle and non-judgemental. She shows wisdom and grace beyond her years and inspires good morals in her peers.

Treasure Yourself is a surprise package. It is short and sugary, full of wonderful ideas and material that I will certainly keep referring back to. I highly recommend reading this book and completing all of the questions either on your own or with a good friend over a relaxing weekend, as I did. Enjoy, and remember “passion takes you places.”

If you wish to share, feel free to consider the following question that Kerr asks at the end of her Chapter “Don’t Forget To Say Thank-You”:

What are the positive things in your life right now?


3 thoughts on “Treasure Yourself

  1. Great Review! I believe we have had the same reccomendation from this very wise friend 🙂 I must make time to read this one, it’s been on my to do list for a while. Thanks for the Active28 link…I’m on my way to not only becoming highly motivated, but high functioning!!


    • A very wise friend indeed! It’s an excellent read Lauren, and coming from someone who hasn’t read enough lately – it’s very easy to read. Glad to be of help! Anytime you want any tips/advice, let me know! 😀

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