New Tricks

One of the most exciting goals I have set for this ‘year of action’ is to learn thirty new things.

I love to learn, as I’m sure many of you do too, but it can be challenging, especially as adults. As adults we have already formed habits and ways of learning, we can find it harder to deal with criticism, and integrating new information with what we already deem to be true can take much longer than it may with younger learners.

Everybody is different, of course, but I find that pushing my self to learn new things pushes me out of my comfort zone, thus I not only gain new talents and/or knowledge but also confidence and a sense of freedom, of openness.

Recently I have been working for my brother’s company Think Spatial, assisting in the field of surveying . I have learnt a few minor skills to assist the surveyors – skills which to some may seem trivial, but to me are worlds away from my usual day-to-day. Because the tasks I undertake are so different to anything I have performed before, completing each job satisfactorily gives me great pleasure.

And essentially, that’s what life’s all about, right? Enjoying each moment, no matter how menial.

For me learning new tricks, no matter how simple or irrelevant they may seem, provides happiness and happiness is the key to success, as Inkling coach Gemma Munro states in her blog about the link between pleasure and success.

Do you like to learn new things? How does it make you feel? What new things have you learnt recently or do you plan to learn in the near future? What is something you have always wanted to learn, but never did? There is still time!

Two things I have been considering are surfing lessons and horse-riding lessons. What do you think? Want to join me? Do you have any suggestions of things I can learn or ways to fulfil my learning goals this year? I would love to read about any ideas you wish to share.


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