Dream, and Dream Big!

On a recent trip to the Cinema’s I was appalled by the unwavering comment of a young boy who couldn’t have been more than six years old.

A dazzling big screen advertisement for Disneyland had just come to an end with a cascading finale of fireworks and an enticing tagline of “Disneyland – where dreams come true”.

The music and moving pictures stopped. The audience plunged into temporary darkness and silence. And out of that darkness and silence, a confident young voice projected clearly from the back rows – “but dreams don’t come true, do they mummy?”

I practically choked on my popcorn!

The movie was thoroughly entertaining (ironically it was ‘The Muppets’) but afterwards, I couldn’t help but feel saddened by the boy’s outburst.

How had he developed such a notion at such a young age?

Perhaps I am just a silly old idealist born in the silly old eighties but I have always believed that dreams come true. In fact believing in your dreams is listed in The 30 Commandments.

Over the years I have come to realise that we have to make our dreams come true, and that it takes a lot more than just closing your eyes, tapping your sparkling red slippers together and chanting, but it does happen.

As the ever poetic Mary Chapin Carpenter puts it:

“We’ve got two lives, one we’re given and the other one we make” (The Hard Way).

I created “Becoming Thirty” as an avenue to help me make my dreams come true, and hopefully help others too. Witnessing what I did in the Cinema was frightening, but inspiring. It drove me to write this first blog post and share with you the ever pressing need for us all to reflect on our own lives, our ideals and values and the kind of culture we are creating.

Sounds all to serious, so to end on a high note I’d like to leave you with something from Kermit and The Muppets themselves:

“Life’s like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending. We’ve done just what we set out to do. Thanks to the lovers, the dreamers, and you” (Rainbow Connection, Reprise).


2 thoughts on “Dream, and Dream Big!

  1. it is a sad indictment on todays society that children are made aware of the ‘realities’ of life far too early.

    There was a fine example recently of a boy who had made a cubby house in the tree on the nature strip outside his house – the local council insisted it be removed – probably didn’t have a planning permit & more to the point they were probably worried about being sued if anything happened while the kid was exploring his make believe world!

    maybe one of your goals could be to encourage parents to spend 30minutes each week with their children in a magical, makebelieve or creative way., and I dont mean at some outlandish costly,commercial venture!

    or maybe you could create a list of 30 ways for parents to encourage & develop or even share in their childs imaginative, creative & adventurous side!

    • I love the idea of a list for parents. Or perhaps an Ebook? This could even be tied into my goals for raising awareness on issues I believe important to the community. Thanks Mum!

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